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Support & Consulting

We want to give every customer the full service and support that he need in order to help his business grow.

Because of that we have divided our support services according the the products and services.

In order to give you the best service, each support department is specialized on her own knowledge and will able to help you in the best and fastest way

Currently we are operating 2 different support help desks, here is are you can find right department for your needs.

Our support departments only support existing customers and if you are interesting on information regarding any one of our products or services please use the products page.

Support Departments


Commercial Membership Plugins

For any Wishlist Member commercial plugin or a custom development plugin, contact us using our ticket support desk at:


Please use only the support desk and do not use regular email as we want to keep the support flow and smooth as possible.

Wishlist Member Consulting

Wishlist Member consulting services, contact us through our dedicated website. A client manager will be assigned to you and will answer any question that you have.


Consulting Services

If you an exiting consulting customer and looking support contact your client manager. he the best one to give you the quick and right answer.

For any other general consulting for your regarding  website marketing, membership websites design and flow or ROI consulting services.

Contact us at:

Other Inquires

For any other subject that fall in the above section you can contact us using the contact us form.